Thursday, January 30, 2014

Severin - Dubova, One Day Trip.

A while ago, Tripadvisor has published my review about a one day trip between Drobeta Turnu Severin and Dubova Bay, in Mehedinti County, Romania.

I was posting the material on Sleepless Bobby in order to add some more information. Now I am copy-pasting it here on the reason mentioned in the first post on this blog: to methodize my travel photos...

Starting by car from Drobeta Turnu Severin, you can follow E70 towards Timisoara.

After 15 km you can stop at Iron Gates 1 Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP), in order to visit its museum. After chronologically arranged artifacts from the area, starting stone age, continuing with bronze, iron, Roman period, and Otoman/Turkish one, you will have a visual description of the construction and the hydro power units of the Romanian side of the HPP. You will also have a glimpse of the machine hall (approx. 220 m long, 25 m tall), descending by an elevator.
Iron Gates 1, dam and hydroelectric power plant
After visiting the power plant, continuing towards Timisoara on the Romanian shore of the lake formed by the Danube River behind Iron Gates 1 dam. There are more than 30 viaducts and bridges over many golfs formed by the Danube. You are already in the Iron Gates Natural Park, so obey the specific rules.

After driving 5 km, you will see a road sign to the right, indicating 1 km to Vodita Monastery. Worth a visit!
Vodita Monastery
Continuing 5 more km on E70 you will reach Orsova (now you will leave E70, continuing on DN57), the city rebuilt after the level of the lake raised 30 meters! You will enjoy a walk on the Danube's shore, and in the evening take a break near the ship yard or the train station in order to take some photos of the city lights reflected on the water. In Orsova you can rent a ship and take a cruise on the Danube!
Before leaving Orsova towards Eselnita, go to St. Ana Monastery.
Orsova - Dragalina Park, and a cruise ship in background
So you are about to leave Orsova, and after 15 km you will reach Mraconia bay, the place where a sculpture of Decebal is carved into the mountain.
Decebalus Rex - Dragan fecit
I think that you've had many stops and you are already hungry or at least thirsty, so continue 3 more km to Pensiunea Melba, located on the shore of Dubova bay. "Papanasii" (home made donuts) are my favourite desert there!
Pensiunea Melba: Reflections first...

Bon apetit!
Delicious! Siting at the table, enjoying your meal... can you see where the Danube is entering the gulf/bay? There is its narrowest and its deepest point!
Dubova bay (above and below)
Can you notice the Ship Shaped Shadow in the center of this photo? :-)
Well, this is a 100 km tour in the the SW of Mehedinti County, and enough places to visit for a day!

Travel safe!

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