Thursday, January 30, 2014

MBM Travel Photos

Sometimes blogs become "crowded" even there are no frequent posts. Even though I've managed to divide the posts for Romanian readers and for international readers (in English) on, there are still some issues to "segregate" on different grounds. So In Awe Of Rock was created as a distinct blog also on, and Three Years After on

Recently I've concluded that a new website/blog is necessary in order to methodize my travel photos and make them available for all my readers, no matter if co-nationals or not, rockers or not, movie watchers or not. So here I am explaining the reason for this new blog.
Summer clouds over the mighty Danube River
I hope that the photos from my European travels will help other travelers in their decisions to either visit or not a place that I already visited.

Celtic nations
What will you find on this photo travel blog? Photos and personal experiences from my travels in the following countries (links goes to
I usually travel during my summer vacations, or for a (rock/metal) concert every now and then.


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